💡Feature Idea: Grid Settings & Ruler

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What I want it to do: I want to change the grid settings

  • Adjust the size of grid (more or less dots)
  • Grid Style - Dots or lines
  • Zoom style - have more grid appear when I zoom in (infinite grid)
  • Half-measures - show half measures between two points
  • Ruler - Shows distant in current grid size units from clicked location to dragged location along snapped grid line.
  • Alternative Ruler: Shows ruler on edges with dotted lines to show where the pointer is on the ruler

Problem I want it to solve: I want to have a way to present technical drawings in mathematics and physics. Just basic stuff like creating and labelling a complex plane would greatly benefit from greater control over the grid and snapping.

Why this helps everyone: Who wouldn't want more control over snapping? It would attract technical artists and software teams that want to include more mathematical drawings.

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    Meghan ✭✭✭

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  • I had to register because coming from a CAD based background, I feel the tools here have room for improvement. Being thrown into using this software from never having touched it before, my assumptions are apparently high. So I second the ability to choose grid resolution.

  • @Philbo, thanks for your feedback!