::RESTORE:: generation of multiple text boxes when copy/pasting from Word/Excel/etc

For us ethnographic researchers, the disabling of the ability to generate multiple text boxes by copy/pasting multiple paragraphs of text from Word is crippling. Please restore that functionality -both for the sanity of my team + your internal Mural advocates (they are fielding a lot of complaints).

When we conduct interviews, we take notes in MS Word. Each coherent thought gets its own paragraph. In the glorious days past, we used to be able to select the whole spate of paragraphs, copy it, and then ctrl+v it into Mural, where a pile of separate text boxes were created. We would then convert them to stickies for data synthesis.

NOW, we have to copy each bit of data separately, and paste it separately. I did a time study, and what would previously take me 90 seconds took me almost TEN MINUTES.

This is untenable for your ethnographers and renders the tool nearly useless. Please restore this function so we may easily get our data in here for affinity clustering/data synthesis.

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  • ^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^ This change has rendered Mural nearly useless for my needs with synthesizing data from notes taken. It is incredibly time consuming to copy and paste tiny block of information now whereas before it was completely effective!

  • Change it back please!

  • Please change it back.

  • kschulke
    edited September 2022

    Please change it back the way it was! I have been using Mural since you started out and would really hate to see this feature disappear. If it doesn't come back I will have to move my work to Miro and say goodbye to Mural. It is a necessity as a UX Researcher to be able to copy/paste large sets of data into post-its. Thats how we do affinity mapping to identify themes and insights. To me, this is the most essential feature of using Mural in the first place. All the other stuff and templates are okay but not why I use Mural. Please bring back the feature to copy/paste infinite rows of data with no character limit into individual sticky's!

  • Oh noooo, I use this feature a lot. This is going to make research so much more challenging for the many reasons others have listed. Please bring this back.

  • Just discovered this change last week! Please restore or at at least expand the character limit. There's a reason Twitter moved beyond 140 characters.

  • I am in the process of entering hundreds of data points and manually breaking them into individual stickies as a result of this change. It's disheartening