Smart Suggestions when building flow

I'm using one of the templates that has "flow" elements as a key. So you might have a rectange to indicate an action, a diamond for a decision, etc. However, when you hover over the blue dot next to the shape, it only lets you create the exact same object and color.

So an example flow, lets assume you have [Rectangle(Purple)]->[Diamond(Yellow)]->[Rectangle(Purple)]

If you use the blue dot to move from the first rectangle to the diamond, you have to create a second rectangle, hit the change shape button, then the paint fill bucket and find the right color to match the previous rectangles.

Instead, my recommendation would be that it knows the types of objects being connected in the flow and when you hover over the blue dot on the first Rectangle, it would know the "options" that were either defined in the key or that are found elsewhere in that flow of connecting objects. That would speed up designing quite a bit, IMO.

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