Please make the Link button proportional to the Object containing the link

Mural provides a facility to insert a link to an object. Unfortunately the Mural approach is put a tiny button in the right hand bottom corner of the object. The button is not proportional to the size of the object. If the object is small the button is visible, but if the object is large then you have no way of knowing it has a link unless you mouse over the button area or you check if there is a link URL in the link button. Please make it so that it is more apparent that an object carries an active link. Example below

If we do not put an arrow pointing to the microscopic button users would not know how to activate the link.

If you made the link button a proportional size to the object then no matter how big or small there would be a visual indication that the link existed.


I should be able to click on the text box to activate the link? Maybe CTRL-Click or ALT-Click

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  • This is a huge flaw in Mural, in my opinion. Why can't you make the entire object containing the link clickable? No one can find those tiny links.

  • We're new to Mural and are having the same issue with the size of the link button. We are still in the learning stage and have not presented Mural to our whole team yet, but we're anticipating a lot of pushback on this issue when we do.

    Are there plans to resolve this issue in an upcoming version?

    This seems like a design flaw that should be relatively easy to fix.