Hi All! Nico @ Intuit here! πŸ‘‹ How do you design think?

Nico ✭✭✭
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Hey everyone! Nico from Intuit here πŸ‘‹

Would love to hear how you all use design thinking! I am always interested in new frameworks and mindsets. Share your favorite design thinking framework and the "steps" it has. Ill go first!

Design for Delight

  1. Deep Customer Empathy
  2. Go Broad to Go Narrow
  3. Rapid Experimentation with Customers


  • kara
    kara Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    Hi @Nico4Delight !

    This is a great topic, thanks for posting 😊

    Here are some of my favorites:

    -The 5 Whys for digging deep - this can be helpful for building customer empathy. I have a backlog of 'feature requests' but until I understand the actual problem the user is facing or trying to solve, whatever solution I come up with will likely fall short.

    -How might we....for innovative brainstorming. Instead of focusing on a particular solution, we're generating insightful ideas.

    -Jobs to be Done - this framework helps me to focus on the core job, and then I can ensure the outcomes and strategies are measurable, impactful, and important.

    Have a fantastic day!


  • CecilyLloyd
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    Hi Nico! Welcome!

    Like you, I am a fan of going broad to go narrow - I've always referred to it as "Diverge to Converge", and it's helpful for me to ensure that we aren't zeroing in on solutions right away before we fully understand the problem we are trying to solve and all of the possible solutions that may be available to consider.

    A fun exercise that allows teams to diverge/converge that I've learned during my timing at MURAL is called the Sailboat exercise. Incredibly easy and effective way to prioritize what topics to discuss during a team meeting or offsite, for example.

    Thanks for being part of our community!


  • Greg
    Greg ✭

    Hey! When I teach Design Thinking at my university, one of my favorite podcast episodes that I recommend to my students is this one, about the Jobs-To-Be-Done - https://hbr.org/podcast/2016/12/the-jobs-to-be-done-theory-of-innovation

    I talks about Design thinking and McDonald's Milkshakes and approaches you can use to figure out how to understand customers using the jobs to be done concept.

  • Linds
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    You had me at McDonald's Milkshakes 😍 @Greg