Hide Outline from Visitors

I would like to totally hide the outline from Visitors or at a minimum hide the instructions for the different steps of the outline.

I am using Mural to run interactive workshops and write instructions specific to the facilitators. I guide visitors through the Mural using "summon" and all instructions specific to them are on the Mural.

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  • AgileMonster
    AgileMonster MCN
    edited October 2022

    1000 times this ^^^ As a Facilitator, it is so frustrating having Visitors read ahead in the Outline that contains facilitator notes. I create my own templates and so need my own instructions FOR ME ONLY in the Outline column. Anything the students need to know is on the actual board. The lack of this feature is making me consider if Mural is the right tool for frequent workshop facilitation.

  • Anyone still following this comment? I am just the opposite. As facilitators, we'd like our groups to use the outline to follow along with us. So obviously users have access to the Outline, correct?