NEW: 5 Tips for Onboarding New Collaborators into MURAL!

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@billjohnston is back with helpful tips for engaging new collaborators in MURAL!

A snippet of his interview is below:

At Structure3C, we’ve found MURAL to be a potent tool that supports our co-creation process for helping our clients develop effective online community and collaboration strategies. MURAL is the perfect antidote to virtual meeting fatigue because of its elegant and immersive experience. This tool allows participants to come together and capture, play with, and evolve ideas. As with any new platform, there can be a slight learning curve. The good news is that MURAL is a very intuitive tool, and with thoughtful planning and facilitation, learning to use it can be accomplished in minutes.

These five tips will help you quickly onboard participants onto MURAL so you can begin collaborating without the need for extensive coaching or preparation.


Investing time before the session to do pre-work, like preparing your environment and setting expectations with participants, is essential to your success.

Read on and let us know what you think!