Feature Idea: Give admins more control over end users Murals

What I want to be able to do: Be able to grant ownership to another member of a mural that I do not own.

Problem I am trying to solve: We have users that go on extended leave/sick like Maternity. As an Admin, I should be able to grant another member ownership of that Mural so they can invite guests, add more members, keep working etc. When a user is out on maternity leave, they are not allowed to login to any system or work. I also cannot remove any access or revoke licenses. The solution right now is to have a user delegate prior to leaving. This isn't feasible for all users, especially if the leave is medically related and not planned.

Why this helps everyone: Admins are responsible for the entire workspace, murals and the data that is in it. Admins should have full rights to do whatever needs to be done to protect their company, IP and to ensure work continues.

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