Clarify and simplify the guest and visitor invitation and removal rules, and make it intuitive

Not sure if this should go to Mural Product or Feature forum.

Anyways, currently the sharing a Mural interface is quite confusing for a new user. It's not clear at one glance how members vs. guests are invited, what they see and don't see, and how you completely remove them after a session. There is a "How are members, guests and visitors different" text but it's still not clear enough to be very trust inducing. There are glitches which cause worry.

Sharing guest (not member) access through email seems to have some problems, but sharing a link works.

And for example I tested what a guest sees by sharing a guest invite link to another account I made. They can see a Mural when it is shared, and the Mural disappears correctly when the sharing is removed. But even when I am removed from the Mural, I can still see the name of the Private Room where the Mural is located in the left column. The room never disappears. I can go into the different Private Rooms that were shared with me earlier although I have been removed, the rooms just appear empty because I have no rights to open any Murals. But if the name of a Private Room is changed, I can see the new room name, although I was supposedly removed. The room owner has no knowledge that I can still see the room's name. Maybe not a major issue, but it seems there is a lot to do to make the Guest and Member sharing clear and fully secure..

Some consultants don't want one client to see stuff that is show to another client, for example. So it's very crucial to make things clear about these sharing issues, what a guest or member sees and what not, and how to fully remove them without any remaining access. Hope the member, guest (and possibly visitor) sharing system can be made clear and bugless. Thanks!

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