Bulk Move Murals from One Room to Another Room or sub-folder of a Room

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I would like the ability bulk move murals from one room to another room, or sub-folder of a room.

I started using Mural a while back and didn't really plan how I was going to organise my rooms. Now I have a better idea of how I'm using the tool, I'd like to arrange my rooms a little differently. However, I have already amassed many different mural boards and if I had to move them one by one to an other room/room folder, it would take me hours.

This doesn't seem like it would just be a "me" problem - whether you're a new user, or a team growing over time, rearranging your workspace to match new needs seems like something everyone may want to do as they become familiar with the tool, or their needs change.

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  • Yes! Here is a Use Case:

    Often, facilitators will create murals and save them to their personal rooms as they are drafting them. Once the session is ready to be facilitated or after it is complete, we need to grab that Mural and move it to the Shared Room for the team. Right now, when I search for a mural by name, I get a list of murals, but do not have the ability in the search results to grab that mural and move it to the correct team room, nor do I have the ability to look at the details of the mural and see where it is saved currently. Please add the following:

    When you open a Mural and go to Mural Settings, please add the location of the Mural to the settings and add the ability to move it to a different location from within the Mural.

    When you search for a mural, please add the ability to see these settings in the search results (Who owns it and where is it located) and move it from the search results.