💡Feature Idea: Possibility to add fonts (from google font?)

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Is it possible to add font on Mural?

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  • This would be great for branding purposes!

  • josh
    josh Mural Team mod

    This would be great!

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    Yes!!! It would be great to have one softer serif font, like Playfair Display.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
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    I don't need a feature to upload fonts from somewhere in the first place, but I would like to see MURAL add some more fonts to MURAL. That would be very helpful. I would like to have a clear font like Helvetica, one great black big font like "Helvetica Black Bold" for headlines and some more "stylized" fonts for "decoration" as I would like to create a little more visual appeal ;-) To me this is not a major point to work on, but I would embrace more fonts as soon as they arrive.

  • I use Mural for consulting and training to other companies. My brand is important to me and font selection too. In my training, I have some concepts and would like to have the consistency of fonts in the mural, drawings and other embedded graphics. I use svg graphics a lot, and being able to use the same fonts will be AWESOME!

    First Prize - I would love to be able to add public domain google fonts that can be added to the HTML header and used within the mural. Having some default themes would be nice for average users, but power users can make their own themes of fonts and even colour themes.

    Second Prize - Don't use proprietary fonts like Proxima Nova, Museo Slabe, Marker Felt. Instead, use fonts we can download and use ourselves in our drawings and support material. I don't want to pay $1028 to buy Proxima Nova!!!!

    As a trainer that uses Mural, I want to use consistent fonts in mural and embedded drawings So that there is consistent branding that flows and is appealing to the eye.

  • bellabain
    bellabain Mural Team mod
    edited January 2022

    Would help so much when altering to Client Branding 😍

  • Yes, the google font pack would be great! Are you able to share any progress on this?

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2022

    Just wondering - does anybody out there ever use the bold Adelle font just to get the nice looking italics font? I found it by accident but it only works with black. It would be SO great to have at least one nice rounded serif option, something graceful and elegant like the bold italics Adelle (which is oddly nothing like the regular Adelle) which SOMETIMES appears. Oddly, the font that you see is not always the one that shows up in the png either. The Russian ones, for example, are always different.

  • This is a real missing feature - it's seems impossible to make fully-branded materials from Mural without this. Web fonts integration would be ideal. Miro doesn't let you do this either - but their basic font collection is way more useful and varied.

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    Good point @rsdigitalltd - I really want to use Mural for a lot of posters for my place of employment, but the fact that I cannot use the font they do for all their stuff means they can't be used. It will open up so many more use cases if Mural offers more font options.

  • Would be helpful to upload our custom brand fonts for our organisation.

  • Hi,

    I also would be grateful if you could add more fonts

  • more fonts would be great!

  • More fonts please. Will make it easier for people to see that the tool is part of the fabric of the organisation.

  • Perhaps enterprises could configure custom fonts for all users, and embed fonts for visitors.

    My company has an incredible font, Plex, and would like to use in murals.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I'd like to bump this up again because for many companies it would be cool to add their own licensed fonts maybe or at least some which are more similar to the company's fonts than the ones currently built-in. And I'd love to have more variety in fonts.

    So, please add 5-10 more fonts, MURAL or make it possible for everyone to add their own.

  • Seems like a no-brainer - i need Roboto for internally branded presentations.

  • Want to agree and upvote. I make fairly robust campaign architectures and have been designing them in InDesign (I have a design background) one of the keys to why they have been very successful vs typical is the visual styling has made it easier to visualize and navigate the architecture.

    Like the request above for a monospaced, I request a condensed. Why the only san serif option is Proxima (which is a space hog) is beyond me. Not everyone wants their things to look like they were scribbled out on a whiteboard. While I understand the licensing and issues surrounding font inclusion - there should at least be a BASIC BUSINESS set that allow us to function.

    Regrettably, this is a NO go for me as I can't keep these architectures from being so long due to font width that they become untenable. Going back to doing them in InDesign or might try Mirro - Please fix this.😊

  • Writing in here as well as it's related enough and has more votes and traction

    from a UX perspective, a monospaced font is currently lacking. For legible code blocks and for the display of numbers in eg. tables, it's needed.

    Also seconding above poster regarding condensed fonts - it's a function-over-form request that I can stand behind - condensed fonts have been developed to solve the issue of fitting eg. headlines into limited horizontal space, and I think it's function that would serve its purpose well in Mural.

    I think a low font/typeface-count is a good thing, fundamentally - the has less time spent choosing fonts and more time spent using the tool - ideally. But the inclusion of these suggestions would make Mural more usable, and so I think they're important beyond questions of aesthetics.