😎 Best Practice Sharing: Every template must have a clear purpose

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You have created an exercise in a MURAL canvas that you have used it over and over again with good results. Learnings from the last time you used it have been incorporated into each new iteration. It's now ready to share with the world so that more people can benefit from what you've learned! ✨

The best way to share your MURAL canvases with your team or community is to publish them as templates. A template enables anyone to create a new blank mural canvas including the structure you have created for the activity. In this series we are going to share tips and best practices to help make your templates outstanding.

Let's start from the top.

Each template should have a clear purpose. Make it easy for the practitioner to know the template is for them.

The title

Giving a template a clear purpose starts with the title. The purpose of the template should be possible to understand from the title alone. If the template represent a well known process or method currently used in your organization or your network, then use that as the title to make it easily recognizable. Keep the name short, max 3-5 words is usually a good goal to aim for.

The description

When publishing a template you will have the opportunity to add a short description about the template. Try to keep this short description to one sentence. Make it action-oriented by starting with a verb like Brainstorm, Align, Build, etc. Then, think about the job to be done and connect the dots from your action to your desired outcome.

Inside the canvas you will have the opportunity to develop this description further and add more detail. Answer questions such as:

  • What will the template will help them achieve?
  • How will will the template help them achieve this?
  • In what situations might the template be useful?
  • Who is a typical user of the template?

Example: Brainstorm many ideas template

Curious to see how this can be implemented in practice? Explore the title and description of one of our most popular templates "Brainstorm many ideas". As you can see the purpose is easily recognizable from the title, and when reading the description you get more clues about how the template helps you achieve this goal.

What do you think makes a template title and description great? How do you name and describe your templates?