Please provide bulk invite option for adding members to confidential Murals (ie csv file upload)

1. What I want to be able to do in MURAL:

I used to be able to upload a csv file of 190 email addressses (containing all current people in our department), every time we created a new Confidential Mural (which is one per software release). However I found yesterday I am no longer able to do that, and have to invite members manually, by adding a list of comma separated email id's in groups of no more that 30 people at a time.

2. The problem I am trying to solve:

It is a hassle having to separate email ids into groups of 30 with comma separation and then upload them one group ata time. I would like to be able to just upload one csv file.

3. Why this helps everyone (or many people):

This would save a lot of time, every time we need to add our current dept members to our latest software release Mural.

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