April 15 Web Release: Embed read-only templates


💻 Embed read-only mural templates into wikis, Confluence pages, webpages, and more  

You can now embed templates outside of the MURAL platform, allowing you to navigate, explore, and promote published templates in more places. The ability to embed murals can be turned on or off at the company, workspace, or mural level. You do not have to be a member to view an embedded mural or template.

Bug Fixes 

🐞 When re-connecting an orthogonal connector with more than three segments, a new segment of 20px will be added to make it look more polished.

🕷Improved the contrast algorithm for the Follow / Summon / Take Control feedback so it provides higher contrast for all colors.

🦟 Aliases were not shown properly for visitors who are logged in but collaborating in workspaces where they’re not members.

🐛Take Control modal wasn’t always disappearing when a facilitator who had used Take Control then follows another person in the mural.

🐜 Voting was not working for users who were disconnected when the session ended.

🐞The feedback was missing when facilitators released participants after Take Control was released.

🕷Following wasn’t stopped when a user entered drawing mode.