💡 Feature Idea: Locking Comments to Objects

  1. What I'd like to be able to do: be able to lock a comment to an object (i.e. create a comment and lock it to a specific text block or shape)
  2. Problem I'm trying to solve: comments being moved around on accident and losing track of what piece of the board it was in reference to. Ex: when reviewing a large user story map with multiple team members who are leaving comments in reference to specific pieces, comments get moved around on accident with multiple members working on the board at the same time)
  3. Why this helps many people: this will help everyone contributing to a MURAL board where multiple people are working on it simultaneously (live editing, reviewing) which is most MURAL users. It's easy for comments to get moved around and lose what they were referencing just with small accidental movements of the board and objects
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  • Completely agree...is there anyway to make sure that a comment is moved with or "attached" to an object...as it seems to get "left behind" when m oving

  • Yes this is something I also adressed at MURAL already. What I would like to have is a comment/discussion function linked to a MURAL object.

    Having standalone comment objects are usefull too, as it is.

  • Yes, similar to how it works in Figma. You click on an object and the comment is automatically linked to that object instead of having to go through the additional step of "grouping" the comment in Mural.