Please make the VISITOR link the default

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Yesterday I YET AGAIN sent a MEMBER link to a board to someone I intended to send the Visitor link. This happens because the member tab is the one that we are on when we open the link choices.

You have to stop and click Visitor.

I don't know about others but I probably send a MEMBER link about 5 in 100 shares, but I send visitor links all the time.

When I send the wrong link, there is an unnecessary loop of rework, Either they join, and I have to remove them and send another link or... in any case, emails and communication loops start that are all prevented by making it easy to send the most common link FIRST.

I suggest you make the VISITOR link tab the one we land on when we open the Share box.

Thank you for considering

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  • Thanks for sharing, @TracyW! If possible, I'd like to turn this one into a Feature Request, where users can vote, share feedback and send to product once votes are garnered in agreement.

    Let me know if open to it- happy to convert this post.

    While here, there are some similar that you may be interested in. Please do comment/upvote and share your own personal use cases there, too.

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  • Yes!

    And also, for the Jira integration, please put the VISITOR link into the Jira ticket that gets created. We had to stop using the Jira integration feature because the links were useless.

  • Meghan
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    Thanks for the add on, @drcjw.

    @TracyW, as an update, I've gone ahead and moved the post to Feature Ideas. Let's get more use cases and get this one passed to product!

  • Regarding the "share" button placed at the top right of a workbench, I would simply suggest limiting the sharing choices to visitors with the options "can edit content" and "can only view content". Choosing to share with workspace members should be managed at the account level as a general option.

    Looking at the sharing configuration window, there are 5 different configuration options for a single "copy link" button. Therefore, what am I actually copying? A link for a visitor or a link for a member? Mystery.

    I often make the mistake of sharing a workspace by copying the link. An alert banner then appears at the top of the workspace once the visitor is logged in (as a member and not as a visitor).

    Just an idea to optimize this magnificent system!