April 22 Web Release: Delight collaborators with new timer sounds, smoother cursors and more


⏰ Surprise and delight with different timer sounds

Now, facilitators can select from three unique timer sounds to make meetings more fun and interesting. Switching up the timer sounds can add a little variety when working in MURAL. Access by going to the mural settings menu (right click on the canvas or click on the drop down next to the mural title).

➚ Smoother cursors during collaboration

We’ve improved how collaborators’ cursors appear when working together in MURAL. 

🗳 Better UX when setting up voting sessions

We’ve made several enhancements to voting. We’ve updated the default number of votes per person to one, the app now remembers the number of votes per person across additional voting sessions, and the maximum number of votes per person is now unlimited. 

Bug Fixes 

🐞 When creating a new object from connector points on a rotated object, the new one was created in an incorrect position.

🐛 When deleting a drawing using the eraser and then selecting the pen again, an unwanted line would sometimes be drawn.

🐜 When trying to add a second reply to a comment by pressing return, the new comment was not submitted.

🕷 After adding a group of objects that include arrows to an area, it was not possible to select the arrows.

🦟 The tooltip for long names of voting sessions wasn’t appearing correctly for the first voting session.