😎 Best practice sharing: Every template must have default sized sticky notes

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One of the most useful secrets to designing a functional template design is to keep the sticky notes to their default size.

Why is this so important?

1 Consistency

All the elements you can add from the left toolbar in the mural canvas are sized to the same scale. When new elements are added to the mural canvas they will be added in their default size. If the sticky notes are smaller or larger than the default size, the new elements you're adding would either look too large or too small next to the sticky notes. Designing your templates using sticky notes in their default size will provide a consistent look and feel throughout the content.

2 Make the best use of the space

When sticky notes are made larger, you will need a larger canvas to fit more sticky notes. By keeping sticky notes to their default size you will be able to add more sticky notes. If the sticky note is too small to read, zoom in to view it closer.

A classic example of sticky notes in different shapes and sizes.

3 Mix and match

By designing all your templates with the sticky notes in their default size you will be able to mix parts from different templates to reuse activities in new combinations. Save time preparing for sessions by sharing activities with members of your team!

See the "Untangle a complex problem" template from LUMA Institute that include different activities in different panels that can be combined in many different ways with other activities. Also notice how the instructions are sized to be readable together with the sticky notes.

To know if a sticky note has the default size, select the sticky note and click on 'Resize' from the content toolbar hovering above the sticky note and choose resize to default.

What challenges do you run into when designing? Post your questions here and we'll share our best tips and tricks!


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    Love this, @Emilia. This is one of the first recommendations that were shared to me as a MURAL user.