😎 Best practice sharing: Every template must have questions as prompts

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Using guiding prompts and questions when introducing activities help stimulate your participants creativity and critical thinking.

Take the Sailboat retrospective template for example. The first step is to identify the wind, the things that help us move forward. Rather than just explaining that, you can get better answers faster by asking the right clarifying questions.

Try to make the questions as clear as possible and avoid ambiguous questions as this will confuse the participants. Limiting the use of action words to one will help clarify the questions. Some other useful tips for writing use questions are:

  • Start with more simple questions to get the participants involved in the topic, then move on to more analytical questions.
  • Create a space of psychological safety where participants feel comfortable to answer and discuss questions by defining the ground rules at the beginning of the session. For example, there are no wrong and right answers, this is a safe space where it's ok to fail. Confidentiality is also important, what's said in the session stays in the session. After participants are welcome to talk about their own experience but should avoid talking about what others said in the session, unless it's positive and encouraging.
  • When asking questions in a session, give the participants some time to think for themselves and resist the urge to interrupt the silence right away.

Try out the Sailboat retrospective template for yourself:

What questions do you ask that spark engaging conversations?