💡Feature Idea: Event Countdown

I'd like to put an object on a Mural that is a countdown timer for an event. For example, if we have a product launch in 20 days I'd like to have a live timer running on my board that keeps this deadline fresh in everyone's mind. As we are working across so many Murals, due dates can be confusing and I want to be sure people are aware of when that design and ideation work needs to be wrapped. Especially import when working asynchronously across geographies and time zones and pressed for time.

The object should have space at the top for Title and imagery. Countdown clock should be able to be set by due day/time. Countdown should display Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds. Countdown should be able to be manipulated so that user can set largest unit for countdown (i.e. I should be able to set whether I want it to say "1 Day 6 Hours" or "30 Hours" remaining.

Features beyond MVP would be to set that object to remove weekends and holidays from countdown. This way I could set my time for how my team works "Work Hours Remaining in Sprint" or "Days until Product Launch" "Days/hours/minutes till sales pitch with client" Also a setting that allows me to set color coded features. For example if I have <24 hours I want the time to be red, if we have <72>24 set timer to yellow, if hours timer should be green.

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