Hybrid 🙋‍♀️ 💻️ Mode Engaged! 

Jeff_Eyet Mural Team mod
edited November 2022 in Mural University

This week, I held hybrid classes for the first time! Here are my three takeaways:

1.) In-person students, use headphones! Reduces echo/feedback

2.) Teach into the camera, don't isolate the online students

3.) Continue to use MURAL for small group activities, works like a charm

What are your hopes/fears about returning to the classroom?


  • Jeff_Eyet
    Jeff_Eyet Mural Team mod

    OMG, so true. What technologies/platforms from virtual learning can we bring back to the class to improve the student experience?

  • Hi Jeff, Are you just using a laptop camera, or something different? I could see "teaching into the camera" as isolating for students who are able to come in person. I've had good luck with something like Huddly for this. Also love using MURAL for getting people to work in small groups and collect resources. Do you have any favorite templates that work best for your hybrid classes?