😎 Best practice sharing: Every template must have space to think alone together

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To make the most of your brainstorming sessions, or any other session, make sure you give space for everyone to think individually before sharing their ideas. Thinking while listening to others ideas is hard, make sure you get time to think in silence before sharing. By doing this you will:

  • Give everyone a chance to come up with their own ideas to share
  • Get a wider range of unique ideas by limiting the influence we have on each others thinking
  • More ideas, by working individually at the same time we can generate more ideas compared to a traditional brainstorm where one person share at the time

You can design your template to encourage this way of working. Set up personal working spaces where each participant can write down their own ideas before sharing with the rest of the group. Next to the personal spaces you can have a common space for affinity clustering and presenting.

See how it's done in our Brainstorming & idea prioritization template:

You can certainly work on your own in the same space as others. Working in together silence in the same space provides a great opportunity to build on each others ideas. Make it clear in the instructions for how long people should be adding ideas individually before it's time for share out.

See the Creative matrix template by LUMA Institute to see how this can be accomplished:

Tip! You can also leverage the time before you meet to allow your team to generate and add ideas async. When you meet you can cluster, discuss and prioritize the ideas to make the most of the time you have together. If the problem statement you want to ideate solutions to is complex you can record a short video to share with the mural to introduce the challenge.

How do you design your templates to inspire creativity and make everyones ideas seen?