Best Practice Visitors with editing access and trainers as facilitators

Dear community, 

I have a very start-up data culture consultancy. My client's teams need editing rights and my trainers (freelancers) should have facilitator functions.

I have the free plan so far and since MURAL stopped visitors having editing access, I need to find a new solution. 

It seems like the TEAM+ plan is a downgrade in terms of everything else except for the visitors who can now edit. In my case, I would have to pay for each trainer to become a member and use the facilitation features (which are now included in the free plan). I understand that you have to pay extra for another member, but it's a bit strange that the price is the same for each member and doesn't decrease with the number of members. In my case, it's pretty unprofitable. 

I applied for the MURAL consultant network - does anyone know the criteria by which consultants are accepted? And how long does the process take?

I will be very grateful for your support :)

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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭
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    Hi @IDoKra! It seems you may have been accepted into the MCN already. Have you received information just yet? Let us know if you haven't, happy to share addition update by email!