💡Feature Idea: I want a "Celebrate" option that's more of a visual "Time's up" reminder

Yuval ✭✭
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Sometimes the timer isn't enough to pull people back from breakout rooms.

I've been using the Celebrate feature as another nudge. it will be better if we can have an additional manual "Time's up" reminder we could trigger as facilitators.

That reminder could also be triggered automatically whenever the time's up.

Another thing I've started doing btw is to summon everyone and take control when time's up as another nudge to come back to the group. (It's easier to bring people back in Zoom than in manual breakout rooms in Teams etc.)

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  • Hi All, i also would like to suggest other types of "celebration" like you are in the middle of a session and you find out it is someone's birthday (balloons?) or it is anniversary of employment... on a sales call if you want to celebrate an action that brought money, or is saving money ( we might celebrate with bills, coins...). I believe this enhancement can keep our audience still more engaged.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2021

    I would gladly welcome a more concise (e.g. attention-drawing) end of the timer, too. Sometimes even I as a facilitator miss it because of switching tabs and doing "producer's" stuff while the others are at work.

    Maybe something like blocking the screen with a bigger "timer's up"-message and a repeating sound could help?!