😎 Best practice sharing: Every template must have visual metaphors to express ideas

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Visual metaphors can be used to help your audience understand your message without the need for lengthy and complicated explanations. You can use graphics and images to guide the interactions and collaboration with your team. Here are a couple of ideas for how visuals can help you express ideas and concepts.


The bullseye represents the center of a target, or dart board. It's a visual metaphor for a goal or objective that is instantly recognisable.

Sailboat retrospective

Use this framework to pause and reflect on a work in progress. A sailboat voyage is a useful and memorable metaphor for the journey of completing a project or initiative from start to finish.

Importance/difficulty matrix

Use this framework to rank items along two scales. In the end you will find the items placed into any of the four quadrants which will help guide decision making and prioritization.

Pick your pup

Add a sticky note with your name to the image of a pup that best represent your mood today. A great way to check-into your Monday morning meeting, or any other day of the week to check the mood of your team. Find this and other visual metaphors you can use for warmups in the Warmup and icebreaker archive template.

What's your favourite visual metaphor to facilitate collaboration? Share your comments and links to your favourite templates including visual metaphors.