Issue: I can access EVERY Mural in my team EXECPT ONE

somehow I am not able to get into this one mural on our team. When I try the loading screen appears and gets stuck (where it usually says PRO TIP). I have tried for DAYS (ney, weeks) to access this one mural.

We have tried

-removing me and then adding me back to this board.

-changing me back and forth between edit, facilitator, etc.

-even duplicated the board and then added me again and nothing

It is an infinity board. It does not have more images or content than many other boards I access. There are no restrictions on my account. Everyone else on my team gets into this board no problem. I get into EVERY OTHER board in my org, in this team, in this folder. Every single one.

(Our work around was to copy bit by bit every area on the board and move it to a blank new mural board in order to duplicate it. But - really, that shouldn't be the way)

#muralapp please help.