Arrows are not following sticky notes after a sticky note is moved using the API


I have this issue where I use the API to move stickies to new areas however the arrows don't follow. I am trying to use the update Arrow API but I am having a very hard time to find the exact coordinates of sticky notes as they are under parent areas,

any ideas on how to give a nudge to an arrow so that it behaves correctly after a move ?


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  • Anuj
    Anuj admin
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    @julienbouetard - Thanks for trying out the MURAL API! I tried to replicate the scenario of moving a few sticky notes and arrows and was able to do it. A few observations to share:

    • a sticky note's exact coordinates are independent of whether it is inside a parent or not
    • an arrow, has two bits of information that can help you correlate it to a sticky/stickies: startRefId (Id of the sticky where arrow head connects) and endRefId (Id of the sticky where arrow tail connects)
    • I used the concept of a constant offset when moving stickies and arrows. For instance, if I moved a sticky by (1000,1000), I also moved the arrow connected to it by (1000, 1000). Doing so resulted in a sticky and arrow perfectly aligned after the move as they were before the move

    Hopefully, this helps but happy to schedule a call if you'd like to discuss further.

  • Anuj
    Anuj admin
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    @julienbouetard - I believe our CS team has connected with you to offer a potential solution to address the issue you are facing with arrows. Still, posting the proposed solution here to be sure you have received it. Please let us know if this helps!


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Thanks for asking- hang in there- help is on the way!

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Thank you, @Anuj! @julienbouetard, keep us posted- happy to help where we can. 😊

  • Hi @Anuj,

    a call might be very helpful as I move a sticky note to a parent id instead of exact coordinates and need help to understand the points with the arrow interface associated with width and length. Last time I tried to use exact coordinates, I could not do anything else on the UI with that arrow apart from deleting it, maybe it was a temporarily glitch but haveing your expert advice would really help.

    At the moment:

    _ I move a sticky note that is a startrefid to a different parent id

    _ I retrieve coordinates of both parent id and sticky note id and add them up which I thought would give me absolute coordinates on the board

    _ I updated arrow

    _ I do the same with endrefid,