Finding Murals Is Impossible at Scale

I work at a very large corporation. I get added to, and create my own, murals every day. They are all in different workspaces, different rooms within the workspaces. It is nearly impossible to find and organize murals at scale.

First scenario

When I open up mural in the morning and want to find a mural I used yesterday, and see the "Recently Opened Murals", I would hope to see exactly that: the murals I've recently opened. But no, it's only the murals in that workspace I randomly happen to be in.

Second related scenario

Completely random example: Say I need to find an older mural that was made by the team working on Blankets, but this team is within the organization for Beds, and the team was a team of designers. I have to look in the Blanket workspace, the Beds workspace, the design workspace, the Blanket Design workspace, the Beds Design workspace, and maybe someone's random workspace they made one day by accident. It's nearly impossible to find the mural I need without just clicking and visually scanning each workspace and each room within each workspace.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Are there any plans to improve the organization and discovery of existing murals? It's chaos.


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @KateT! Thanks for sharing. 😉

    What would be the ideal use case for you in each of these scenarios? There are a few Feature Requests below that parallel to this- could you vote/give a nod there if any align with your ask?

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  • I just had a lengthy conversation with support, and the topic was how we can manage the organization of our existing murals. Specifically, how can we re-organize existing rooms and murals, to apply new structure as we scale?

    The short answer is we can't. There don't seem to be many tools in place to allow modification of existing content. One must assume ownership of pages or chase down content owners for them to make changes. This is costly at scale.

    Discovery isn't re-organization, of course, but it seems like an integral part of the problems at scale.