Improve the iPad app to support mouse and trackpad usage

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The Mural iPad app currently supports touch input via the screen but when my iPad Pro is connected to my Magic Keyboard it doesn't work so well. Current behaviour as far as I can tell includes:

  • Trackpad gestures such as two-finger swipes to scroll around the board don't seem to work
  • but two-finger pinches to zoom in/out do work?
  • single click via trackpad or mouse to select an item doesn't work
  • double-click via trackpad or mouse to select and edit an item doesn't work
  • with the hand selected, I can scroll around the board using my mouse once only. When I release the left mouse button and try again, the scroll no longer works and other things such as pinch to zoom are also broken (including via touch screen)

Feature request: please improve the support for mouse and trackpad usage

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