💡Feature Idea: I want to have Outline/Area details synced between two canvases?

Gerry ✭✭
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We have a use case where our client teams would like the content within an area in one canvas to be linked to an identical area on another canvas so that when content is changed in either canvas it automatically syncs/mirrors in the other canvas area. THIS WOULD BE AMAZING!!!

Background: Our client is using MURAL as a visual workplace for daily effective communications sessions between teams which includes people visually sharing what has changed since yesterday. Some of the functional teams have very similar information across different teams and at the moment they either:

A) manually update in several places/canvases or B) we have to maintain a separate canvas for the functional team that people have to jump between in meetings which defeats the purpose of a single visual workspace.

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  • rupertocarola
    edited April 2022

    I totally support this idea and was just about to bring it in as well. My use case: If you have a project timeline which is also shared at other team levels (thus in different Mural canvases), it would be so helpful to sync those areas, since timelines are often changed over the time and copying changes manually carries a high risk of errors.

  • Will this feature be developed anytime soon?

    It would be so useful