Count sticky notes on an area

It would be great if one would simply select multiple sticky notes and get a number how many of them are selected.

Also it would be great to have a count of sticky notes present in an area. Use case: guests list -> four square sticky notes and one round for the count, adding a new square sticky note would increase the number

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  • Agreed! Would use it to count the number of interview notes I need to sort into categories

  • RyanFromMural
    edited October 16

    Hi Nick, Olga,

    A couple of (slightly hacky) tips you might find useful:

    1. Group Select Stickies with another element: If you select your stickies along with another type of element (e.g. a title), then hit "Filter by Type", you'll see the number of Sticky Notes in your selection.

    2. Use the Find function: Hit CTRL+F (CMD+F on Mac) to open the Find function. This will give you the overall number of stickies in your Board, and if your stickies are of a specific colour you'll be able to quickly see how many you have of that colour. In the example below, we see that I have 56 yellow stickies in my board.

    Hope this helps! Ryan.