New (Old) Idea: Add room navigation back into the left sidebar

I miss how I used to be able to scroll down my left sidebar to view my starred rooms (and other shared and public rooms). Now, to find my starred rooms, it's buried by 2-3 clicks and is a big pain. Can you bring back rooms into the left sidebar?

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  • Agree. This was literally the easiest thing to use before. Why was this changed.

  • I agree 100%! It's so hard to even find my OWN room now. Where the heck is all my stuff? Oh, it's buried 2-3 clicks deep. And why--what value is that adding, to now have all that empty space in the sidebar?

  • Exactly! Agree with all of you.

    Wrote a long feedback post on exactly this and sent to them.

  • HUGE agree! This has made it exponentially harder to find anything.

  • Please restore the option to view rooms in the sidebar. Navigating via cards, the most important of which, are hidden, is slowing down navigation and making content harder to access.

  • Yes I would love to have the left-hand navigation back, or at least the option to enable using it that way for myself, rather than changing the whole UI back for everyone.

  • Add many of us at our company to the list of people who miss the sidebar room navigation. Normally I recognize change as difficult to deal with, give it a few days, and adjust because there's some new way to do it that is better and I just didn't want to change.

    In this case that isn't true. The "new" way is to view all the rooms in a list with a bunch of unnecessary negative space (you could probably do this before but I never needed to). Even just letting us change the view style on the "All private rooms" page to be a compact list that is top-to-bottom, alphabetical would be an improvement over what is there now.

  • I have been so frustrated by this ! Came to the mural community for the first time in forever just to search for this feature request. Thank you!

  • I hate when a "brand new UI" removes existing funcionality

  • Totally agree! The time it took for the extra clicks and searching was wasteful. I do not see any value added with this UI change.

  • Agree - please change it back!