Improve sticky arrangment in an area

When Collecting stickies, there might be more than the area size foreseen for the session (and I cannot make it bigger because of other stuff around), so I would like to achieve the following things without messing around with sticky resizing and moving:

  1. Automatically resize stickies to fit the area
  2. Automatically arrange the stickies to not overlap/hide each other (ideally just moving a bit left and right without totally changing their )
  3. When I use the "arrange function" it respects the area boundaries (don't want to have)
  4. Automatically have all stickies of the same type (size, colour, type)

Ideally, I could right-click an area and select "clean up stickies" and they are automatically resized to fit the shape and rearranged to have no overlaps.


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