Automatically integrate areas in templates so I can see where the stickies are place when exporting

Nearly all templates are great visually, but lack a key functionality:

When exporting a sticky I want to know where it was placed.

Therefore, mural has the "areas" that I can manually put and all stickies in it are referenced to that area, which makes it a great option to further have all feedback in a structured base.

The problem: most templates don't use areas. So if people put stuff in e.g. a table, I do not know later in which field/column the sticky was placed. Which is a pity because if one field is "what I like" and the other "what I dislike" the export to csv is useless here.

Instead of ending up manually adding areas to visually great templates, it would be amazing that these have this built-in (and make it a good practice/mandatory for template creators).


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  • I agree, what is needed is some research on the best way to address this need. I new to Mural and the csv output is one of the features that solidified our decision to purchase, but there is a serious lack of knowledge or insight to how Mural csv exports.