Connect Breakout Murals to get better control of a "link mess" in events

We often use mural for an event with breakout sessions. When teams are not supposed to see other teams work (but within each team they should, meaning incognito does not work), we create a breakout mural in X copies for X breakout groups. This often ends up in a link carnage (well aware of the function to link murals in one mural but still they have several windows back & forth).

It would be amazing to create breakout spaces (does not have to be a new mural) with these features:

  1. They can switch between "plenary" mural and breakout, without having several windows open (they change mural instead of new window, and the new mural allows coming back)
  2. I can assign mural members to teams (so they have just their individual breakout room)
  3. I can easily replicate murals (like defining an area as "team-wise breakout" and it is replicated for X number of teams. These can also be areas, don't have to be a total new mural.
  4. I can open and close the breakout murals (maybe even with timer)
  5. From a participant perspective they just see the plenary and their breakout team area. No accidental "I opened the wrong team link"
  6. I can send small messages (like "don't forget to agree on who will present")
  7. Amazing would be a merging function, as every team works on the identical mural setup, to afterwards have all stickies combined with tags "team 1"...

This would just be a-w-e-s-o-m-e

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