Store Name and Animal for visitors when they get accidentally disconnected

We often use the visitor function as most of our events are public facing. It is great that they can enter they name and are identified as animal or whatever.

Now we often have issues that the visitor gets disconnected, we use more than one mural, s/he has to reload or is coming back ofter lunch, or re-joining on the next day, and:

  1. has to re-enter the name again and again
  2. gets assigned a new animal

Apart from the annoyance (and users stopping to enter their name), it makes it hard to afterwards track "who did what" in the csv export. With changing animals the name in the CSV changes and we have to do a lot of manual cleaning.

How about a "save my name" option for visitors, that stores the name (and animal) in the cookie for a week or so.

That would save us so much work...


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