Nov Release: Sneak peak of the all-new MURAL experience, new app for interactive displays, and more!

November updates include an exciting recap of our Re:think Teamwork event, an enhanced way to collaborate on large displays in shared spaces, two Microsoft integrations, new endpoints for our developer community, and more! 

👋 Meet the all-new MURAL experience, coming soon 

We held our virtual event, Re:think Teamwork, on October 26th where we announced some exciting upcoming changes that will inspire and energize your team to collaborate more effectively, together. 

In case you missed it, you can watch the “Meet the New MURAL: Where Extraordinary Teamwork Happens” session with Kit Unger, MURAL’s SVP of Design and Agus Soler, MURAL’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer for a sneak peek of our new look and feel and updates to the dashboard.

🎉 Transform hybrid teamwork with the new MURAL for Interactive Displays app

Take hybrid collaboration to the next level with the new MURAL for Interactive Displays app — available on any touchscreen display with access to a web browser or the Microsoft Store. Whether you’re leading a small team brainstorm or a multi-location client workshop, everyone can contribute equally and visualize ideas effortlessly — inspiring creativity and innovative thinking to do their best work.

The new app has a significantly enhanced experience for collaborating on touch-friendly devices. Some of the top highlights include:

  • Performance and reliability improvements, especially for content-heavy murals. Murals load faster, images look sharper, and connectivity is smoother.
  • The same quick and familiar way to send a mural to any display by using a 6 digit code, without needing to go through lengthy authentication flows.
  • A simplified user interface with a refreshed look and feel, including more comfortable access to core capabilities on larger displays.
  • Smoother touch navigation and drawing make collaboration feel more natural and effortless.
  • Peace of mind that your content will look exactly the same on the large display as when you designed it on your computer. 

👉 Download the new app or quickly send your collaboration session to an interactive display for more inclusive, engaging, and productive teamwork.

🔁 Keep your workflows connected and jumpstart agile ceremonies with the Microsoft Azure DevOps integration

Thank you to our beta program participants for providing valuable feedback over the past few months — we’re excited to share that our Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO) integration is now generally available!

Designed for product, engineering, agile, and innovation teams alike — MURAL members can now save time and improve product planning sessions by easily importing ADO work items as sticky notes into MURAL to keep workflows connected without toggling between applications. 

Get started by checking out our user guide which shows you how to connect your Azure DevOps account, customize your imports by choosing specific fields and sticky note types, organize work items using tags, and more! 

💡Pro tip: Jumpstart collaboration sessions and agile ceremonies using MURAL’s templates specifically designed for sprint planning, daily scrum meetings, and hybrid PI planning sessions to visually communicate work, plan and prioritize, and get to market faster. 

👏 Back by popular demand, our redesigned Microsoft OneDrive integration is now available in public beta*

Our Microsoft OneDrive integration is back and better than ever! Now, MURAL members can import cloud files from OneDrive for connected collaboration across MURAL and Microsoft 365. Connect MURAL to your OneDrive to find and share content from your favorite Microsoft 365 apps directly into MURAL. Give it a try by checking out our user guide. 

📍Get started building your next idea with these new MURAL API endpoints

We’ve released new MURAL API endpoints for our MURAL for Developers community! Love using folders to manage and organize your murals? Our Folders API endpoints are now available to make collaboration across your teams even easier. We’ve also released endpoints to export a mural to a PDF and get export URL.

“With the new API, I can integrate MURAL activities into processes automatically: creating and managing murals, generating reports and summaries, and analyzing mural content using AI. This saves time and returns even more value from using MURAL.” 

- Sarah Packowski, AI ContentOps Architect, IBM

⭐️ Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of Sarah’s code samples using the MURAL API. 

✨Reduce accidental moves with the selection preview enhancement

To help reduce accidental moves of objects on your murals, we’ve added a light blue border to objects upon hover. This way, it’s extra clear what you’re about to select - especially when you have lots of overlapping content - so you only move what you want to while in edit mode. As a best practice, we recommend using move mode while navigating around your mural and locking objects to hold them in place, which will eliminate the selection preview. 

*Currently in public beta. Subject to testing and defects. Provided warranty free, "as is" and "as available" basis. MURAL not liable for any losses that may result from public beta.