Disappearing objects when dragging to canvas/frame

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Hi All,

When trying to dragmdrag an object (consists of square shapes) from outside a frame into a frame (with white background) it disappears under the frame: The frame covers the object.

  • Trying to get the object on top by right mouse click - 'bring to front' doesn't work.
  • The object can not be selected once it sits under a frame.
  • selecting the canvas and applying 'Bring to back' also doesn't work.
  • If I change the colour of the frame to transparant. You can see the object ag I can select it but can't bring it to front. ai need the frame to be white(!)

Does someone know a work aroud?nd??

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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭
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    Hi @Rodrikes! Is the frame locked in place? Sending it to back then locking it should do the trick.