⚡⚡ QUICK TIP - Tips for editing a template

PedroD Mural Team mod
edited April 2021 in Templates

Templates are an excellent jumping-off point when creating a mural. Maybe you don't need the full template, maybe you just need a few features, or maybe you want to add MORE to the template. All of this can be done!

Editing a Template

To edit a template, first: create a mural from the template.

Click on the template you want to work in, and then select create mural from template:

Next, unlock the elements on the canvas with a right click, and select "unlock all". Once that's done, you should be able to edit 👍 

Frameworks vs. Templates

If for some reason you can't edit a specific section of the canvas, then it's probably because it's a framework. Frameworks are currently not editable, so the workaround we offer is to use text-boxes with a white background to change the text on it:

We know many of you have Frankenstien-ed some templates together: show us your favorites below, or share a tip you use when editing templates!