Fast Five: November's Newest Template Release, MURAL API updates and more!

Meghan ✭✭✭
edited December 2022 in Café

Time flies when you're having fun- may your holidays be filled with rest, food and festivities! In case you missed it, here are five things from the month of November in our world at MURAL.

One: A template release!

@Emilia recently shared TWO new templates in Community from our friends at Boundaryless. The Platform Design Toolkit help you identify platform opportunities, design platform experiences and pursue validation and growth. The 3EO Toolkit help you create entrepreneurial organizations that innovate organically empowering their ecosystem.

Two: ReThink recap- new changes happening in platform

Earlier this month, @Agus Soler, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at MURAL, and Kit Unger, SVP of Design at MURAL, shared an early preview of MURAL’s upgraded user interface, dashboard, and product enhancements that will inspire and energize teams everywhere to collaborate more effectively.

Three: MURAL EDU's newest videos

Did you know MURAL EDU has a YouTube playlist for educators and students? Take a browse through our tips and tricks for better collaboration in the classroom!

Four: Anca and Cary's practical template and tips

How far can you go with MURAL? Both @caryjslopez and @Anca Castillo of Design Convo know a thing or two about creating a safe environment for collaboration and solution-generating templates. In a recent interview, they walk us through their ConvoX template for keeping facilitation practical.

Five: Community's last listening session

Throughout the year, we've been listening more closely to your needs as Community members. We thank you for your feedback and for sharing 2022 with our team! Join us for the final listening session of the year, where I'll be sharing Community-centered updates and strategies for improving the forum in 2023.