🤓 What skills are you hoping to develop in the New Year?

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Hi there,

We are trying to understand what sorts of skills people are interested in further developing in the new year. Some of the skills connect to Service Design, Facilitation, Participation and of course using Mural to do some of that work!

We would love to hear your thoughts! What skills are you hoping to develop in 2023?

To be continued,

Catherine from Ideas with Moxie

🤓 What skills are you hoping to develop in the New Year?

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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Such a good question! Adding in @billjohnston, @ancacastillo + @caryjslopez who may have great responses for this one!

  • kris
    kris Mural Team mod

    This is a great question - it made me think, and I'm absolutely here for that.

    I've got mixed feelings about New Year's Resolutions, so I strive for some balance in them. Let me try to explain myself a bit.

    New Year's feels like a natural time for those big sweeping changes we want to make in ourselves, a time to set the bar high, and do amazing things. But that can also be exhausting and overwhelming. So how might we find balance and still make progress? And how do we bring skills we learn from the academic and abstract into our professional lives?

    I tend to create an overarching theme for my year and then work on a small piece of that every month of the year. It feels more attainable, less daunting, and I get a natural reset every month. If I fall short of my goal I can adjust and reset - it's about progress and not perfection.

    This past year it was all about "grace" for me. Giving others grace when things didn't go as planned, and more importantly for me, learning to give myself grace. I set the bar for myself extremely high, and sometimes I don't make it. I brought that practice to work over the last year, and into my facilitation practice. It completely changed the way I work with others, and in a positive way.

    For 2023 my theme is going to be inclusivity. And I will work towards that each month. I've been educating myself on accessibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion, and trying some micro-habits on for size.

    My theory is that I'll touch on most of what's in your list next year, in one way or another.


  • Thanks for sharing your intention around inclusivity Kris! We're with you that micro steps and habits are where long term change can start to emerge.