Meet the New Mural: Intentional Practices. Extraordinary Work

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The company was looking for "bigger, stronger, tougher adhesives,” so when one 3M scientist, Spencer Silver, created a not-so-sticky glue, it seemed to be of no use, a throw-away. Years went by before another scientist — Art Fry — needed a special kind of bookmark. Fry connected with Silver, they got to collaborating, and together they turned an incidental creation into an innovation — the Post-It note was born. 

A simple not-so-sticky piece of paper became an enduring innovation. Post-Its were used to share small bits of information, and teams learned that they could also hold big ideas. When used with purpose, you could turn small squares into big impact.

The mighty sticky note is revered here at Mural. It’s been honored, right there in our logo for years:

That changes today. Today starts a new chapter as we’ve transformed our brand and overhauled our product interface. To understand why, you have to understand what we know:

The creation of the sticky note was luck. Eleven years of teams working with Mural has taught us this: 

The best teams don’t leave innovation to chance. They know how to make their own luck.

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  • Why was the previous Community announcement titled "Dec 06 Release: Meet the new Mural — an upgraded UI to go alongside a new brand, and so much more!" — where people like me had commented giving feedback — hidden?

    Definately not cool, makes me wonder if it's worth spending my time on these forms :(

  • Hi there - overall, I dig the upgraded UI / brand and all that jazz. However, there is one change I'm not so crazy about. On my MURAL homepage, I preferred my Rooms be listed vertically in the left-nav. Now all my Rooms are buried on the Rooms tab which is an additional click. Previously I was able to quickly click between Rooms, would be nice if users had the option to return their Rooms list to an expandable dropdown under the Rooms left-nav. At the very least, the new Rooms page / table should be sortable by the table headers; Room Name, Type, Members.

    Again, overall, I like the new changes, look and feel but Rooms could use some tweaks. Well done!