How can I make "Import Azure DevOps" work for users external to my ADOS organization?

Most of my ADOS users can use the "Import Azure DevOps" functionality. At least one cannot.

Most of the users in my ADOS organization are from my company's AD (Active Directory), but a handful are actually defined in another company's AD (a consulting company) and have been added to our ADOS organization. I'm not sure whether this is relevant, but it's the only difference between all of the other users (company) and the user who cannot access ADOS.

The "external" user is simply told that they do not have access. The page helpfully suggests to turn on third-party authentication, etc. All of this stuff seems to be fine.

I wonder whether he has to get his organization to enable third-party authentication?

I'm not sure whether this makes any sense, but I thought I'd ask, in case anyone at Mural has seen this issue before.

Also, if there's any way to check logs for the authentication process, that would be helpful.

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  • blopez
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    Ben here again!

    Thanks so much for adding all the context and apologies it took me some time to get back to you.

    Would you mind continuing this via email since your issue is complex and may need proper troubleshooting from us and our technical team?

    Let me know so I can start a thread by email and help you solve the situation.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



  • Meghan
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    Help is on the way, @mvonballmo!

  • blopez
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    Hi there @mvonballmo!!

    Thanks very much for your post. This is Ben from Mural's Support Team!

    I have escalated your request to our team of experts in ADOS. Once I have an update I will get back to you!

    Let me know if more questions come up in the meantime or if you prefer to get contacted via email directly.

    Thanks and Happy New Year! 🥂

  • @blopez: Thanks for the update.

    Just another piece of information: I have in the meantime learned that the external user's Azure Organization does not have third-party access enabled. I'm not sure whether that matters, but it might be relevant.

    I suppose the user is authenticating via their own organization and the authorization check happens in our organization ... but the team that implemented the feature would know better.

    Thanks for escalating and happy new year!

  • Any updates on this? I now have another user who seems to be unable to connect. We have no insight into what's going on because we have no logs, telemetry, or diagnostics from which to work.

    The second user who is having trouble using the Azure DevOps feature is part of the hosting organization's ADOS organization, so it might be different issue? Any information about how to debug this would be appreciated.

  • I now have several users who cannot use the Azure DevOps integration. We cannot figure out what the difference is for these users and have no insight into more detailed logging to help us address this problem.

    The message says that Azure DevOps is not enabled, but it is working fine for about 90% of the users whereas some people are getting this message.

  • We're having problems with the integration for the following users:

    • Users external to our "main" organization: they are told that they do not have access. I have since verified that their "home" organization (mapped to the directory where their user is defined) also has authentication for third-party apps enabled.
    • Users internal to our "main" organization: they are told that ADOS integration is not enabled

    We're in the middle of a planning period and these users have to depend on other users in order to import any items. It's not ideal. Please help us figure this out.

  • Meghan
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    Hi @mvonballmo- I see you, hang in there- help is on the way!