💡Please Change Text Alignment Default Back to CENTER-MIDDLE

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Please change text alignment default back to CENTER-MIDDLE (horizontal and vertical) for sticky notes, or provide a global preference setting so I can do that globally for my entire workspace.

We are now doing a lot of extra clicking that we didn't have to do previously to work around this recent change in behavior.

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  • Please do this - the majority of the note function is to add one or two word notes not paragraphs of text - please change defauly back to centre/middle alignment or give us the option to maually change settings for a board/templae.

  • Agreed. Please change back. Not sure why this was changed...

    Of note, this only appears to affect brand new boards and not duplicates of boards created before the change. The duplicates retain the center/middle alignment. So from now on, I will only be creating new boards by duplicating old ones.

  • Sawyersmith
    edited March 20

    Came here just to vote on this. But would also add that the default auto-text-size feature (as it used to be in Mural) would also be appreciated to prevent small text in the upper left corner...

    doesn't feel like the new mural default is a good UI decision.

  • Why has this changed? It's the most annoying thing about the new UI. I will actively avoid adding different colour stickies now as it's just much easier to set it once and stick to that colour by duplicating or hitting tab to add another. Kind of breaks the UI in my opinion.

  • Yes... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change it back or allow me to set a default for my own workspace/murals.