💡Feature Idea: Group Sections - Show and Hide on the same Canvas

Rohitashwa Consultant Member
edited May 10 in Feature Ideas

It would be cool if the canvas can can be split into multiple sections - 2 to 4, with the ability to hide and show from a set of users. This will enable easy multigroup facilitation, and would be amazing for group ideation and idea sharing.

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  • manuel
    manuel Innovation Member ✭✭

    Do I get this right that it would basically be like separating a workshop in two (or more) groups and make them work independently on something and just sharing results in the end?

    If yes, a workaround might be creating additional an mural per group and putting links to them (or the murals' exports) to the "main" mural afterwards. Would that work for you?

  • Thomas_Jorre
    Thomas_Jorre Scrum Master - Agile Coach Member, MCN ✭✭

    @manuel this is a good idea espacially if the groups will generate a lot of content or if it is not that clear, how big the area they will use needs to be. On the other hand it might confuse some less skilled users to jump from mural to mural. So I still think the request of @Rohitashwa makes sense.

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