💡Instead of locking workspace when there are too many members, simply remove/block surplus members.

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It is incredibly easy to accidentally add members when inviting guests to collaborate on Murals. This is a chronic problem. The upshot is that I've now had our company workspace blocked and cannot access any of my work, as people have mistakenly invited members (and our admin is away). It would be far less disruptive if rather than suddenly finding I cannot access any of my work, the surplus members were simply automatically removed from the workspace (or not able to join in the first place.

My suggestions:

• Change the UI so it is not so easy to mistakenly add members instead of guests

• Make it difficult or impossible to add more members than there are paid for spaces

• Rather than blocking the entire workspace, either block surplus members (new members) or even make the workspace read only so I can at least access important information

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