Have to reconnect every few mins

Hi there

Since Mural changed, I'm getting constant prompts to reconnect via 'click to refresh'. This is making it difficult now to run interactive sessions. Colleagues are having the same issue. Any ideas on what the problem is? Our internal IT team say nothing's changed our side. We had to put a strong case to get Mural into the org at the start and this will become a barrier to using it, which is a shame. All advice and ideas are welcome.


  • nadiar
    nadiar Mural Team mod

    Hi Trish, I'll connect with you via email so we can troubleshoot this issue.

  • Hello, nadiar.

    I have the same problem. I've used mural in different browsers, Macos app, new mural and classic version. And have to reconnect every few mins.

    Please help me to understand how to fix it.

  • nadiar
    nadiar Mural Team mod

    @bremenconsultant Just sent you an email asking for additional info

  • same here!

    what can we do? Otherwise we would have to switch to miro…

  • Meghan
    Meghan admin

    Hi @Staatsoper_2023! We're all in to support you where we can, we hope you'll do the same! 😉

    Can you share what's happening to you with [email protected]? It will help us to see if there's any overlap between what others have shared in the thread.