Facilitation Soundtrack: What is your go to?

Nico Innovation StrategistMember ✭

Setting the vibe of a session might be the most important part of facilitation. What is your go to Music Playlist?

For me, 95% of the time my go to is the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack


  • Amanda
    Amanda Community Professional Community Manager admin

    @Nico I love this. I tend to play Amazon's electronic chill play list, particularly love Tycho ☕🎚🎛. @hailey, @Christina, do you use a playlist in your classroom with MURAL?

  • Linds
    Linds Community Manager Community Manager admin

    Unpopular opinion: not a fan of the movie(s), HUGE fan of the soundtrack 😍

  • hailey
    hailey Learning and Development MURAL Team mod

    @Nico I ALWAYS use the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack! Also the "Feelin' Good" playlist on Spotify is like that.

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