Jan 09 Release: Improved rooms navigation, custom guest deactivation periods, and more!

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Welcoming 2023 with a few product updates — including an easier way to find and access your rooms in the collaboration center, automatically deactivate guests after a specified duration of inactivity for our members on Business and Enterprise plans, an enhanced IDEO U template toolkit to creatively solve problems, and Mural’s 2022 in review. See below for more information!

👏 Improved rooms navigation in the collaboration center

To make finding and accessing your rooms easier, we’ve added several new enhancements to the rooms view we announced last month, including a Recently opened rooms carousel, a new list view for easy scanning, and the ability to quickly star and unstar rooms from this list. We have more enhancements on the way — so keep the feedback coming!  

🔒 Add security and lower administrative burden with custom guest deactivation periods

Automatically deactivate guests after a specified duration of inactivity with custom guest deactivation periods. This feature is an enhancement to the existing experience where, by default, a guest will be deactivated after 14 days of inactivity and will lose access to the content they've been invited to collaborate on. Learn more. Available for Enterprise and Business plans only.

🤩 Enhanced IDEO U toolkit template to tackle problems with creativity and collaboration

IDEO U is an online school that equips you with creative problem-solving skills, easy-to-use tools, and leadership mindsets to stay resilient in our fast-changing modern world. In this toolkit, you’ll have access to collaboration activities from IDEO U courses to empower you and your team to collaborate in new ways with Mural. Explore the templates for human-centered methods and tools that you can start using today!

🎬 Mural’s 2022 in review: Product highlights to level up teamwork

The new design of Mural — now available in beta with a simple toggle — is just one of the recent upgrades built to improve how you work. Here are some of the new features launched in 2022 to help your team with bolder ideation, faster decision making, and happier collaboration.

  1. Improved apps for large displays, Android, and iOS give you equal opportunities to collaborate — whether at the office or on the go.
  2. Mural obtained our ISO 27001 certification and achieved the FedRAMP “In Process” designation, among other security and compliance enhancements.  
  3. New enterprise-grade features supporting data residency, identity management, data security, and reporting needs. 
  4. Even deeper integrations with the Microsoft ecosystem, with new functionality across Azure DevOps, Microsoft 365, and PowerPoint. (Plus, our Teams integration won a Partner of the Year award!)
  5. An infinite canvas option that gets selected more than 70% of the time people create new murals.
  6. Developer tools to help our community develop custom solutions (like the Butter integration!) quickly.
  7. Accessibility enhancements like in-canvas screen reader and keyboard support, because inclusion leads to more innovation.

Highly requested improvements and new features based on member feedback — some of the most popular are tables, simplified lock/unlock functionality, and the ability to add and filter tags on sticky notes.