💡Tables need usability improvements to deliver real value

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It's great y'all implemented tables. Doodling this stuff with lines that went askew when you dragged something connected to it was bad. However, as someone who uses tables extensively in all sorts of tools and environments, your table implementation leaves me wanting. Here's my wishlist :)

• It's difficult to get the handles to add/delete a column.

• There are no table properties.

• You cannot set tight margins in the cells so every cell had a lot of padding around text.

• You cannot insert a row or column in a specific place; this makes it difficult when you already have a bunch of info in various rows and columns.

• You cannot copy rows and/or columns to the clipboard for easy pasting into, for example, Excel.

• Similarly, you cannot export/download a table to CSV or similar format for easy import into Excel.

• The reverse is also true; I cannot already have something in Excel, copy it, paste it into Mural and automagically recreate the table-like formatting from Excel in a single step. As a matter of fact, there isn't even a series of steps that enable me to move information easily back and forth between something ubiquitous like Excel and Mural.

For a business user who spends a lot of time using your tool, which is excellent BTW, this limits the use of your tables a huge amount. For me, it basically makes them useless. I'd rather default to the old days of spending time doodling a table, then put text or sticky notes in the various cells so at least I can use the "copy as text" option.

Please consider my suggestions. You'll make a lot of people happy if you improve your table implementation.

Thank you

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